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Trucking Computer and Third Party Monitoring

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Almost every Commercial Semi-Truck on the road today is equipped with a computer that is an "event data recording device". While not required by law to be installed and working, if semi-truck is involved in an accident involving injuries or death, the data may be subpoenaed by the attorney representing the injured victim or wrongful death victim's family.

In general, the "event data recording device" is connected to the truck's onboard engine computer system, and is designed to record data on the truck's speed, travel time, breaking system, steering data, tire pressure, engine oil, and other elements the owner of the system chooses to monitor.

Third Party Monitoring is often conducted as they both want to ensure their drivers are operating in a safe and responsible manner, and ensure their products are safely being transported.

Third Party Trucking Organizations also look for every way to limit their exposure to liability, and this often lands at the feet of the truck driver.

The reason trucking and transportation accident attorneys love these data collection systems is because it can often be used as evidence in trucking accidents and wrongful death claims involving a semi-truck. This data can also speed up the process of ultimately identifying which element of the trucking industry may be held liable. The Truck driver? The Shipping Company? The Trucking Mechanic? Or other third party trucking entities... The "event data recording device" can help answer that question... so justice can be served.

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