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Property Damage Claims and How They are Done

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Car and Vehicle Accident cases do not just involve injuries, but property damage as well. Your vehicle may require repairs, body work, or may even be determined to be totaled.

Depending on the amount and type of coverage a person has on their vehicle, he or she may be reimbursed for the damage, repairs, the lost value of the vehicle, and in some cases have a total replacement of their vehicle.

There are two main factors in how much property damage will be paid out following an auto accident:

Typically, insurance companies will pay for repairs up to the point of 80% of the current market value of the car or vehicle. If it is cheaper to replace your vehicle, then the vehicle may be replaced. If the insurance company determines that the vehicle is a total loss, they must pay you at least 80% of the fair market value of your vehicle. The fair market value is determined from what you could have sold your vehicle for the day before you were involved in your accident.

This amount rarely rarely covers how much you may still owe on the vehicle. After-all, the second that you drive a vehicle off the car lot, it has already lost some of it's market value.

If the auto accident was the fault of another, you may seek additional property damages to be included in your auto accident and injury case. Additionally, if any valuables that you had in your vehicle at the time of the crash that are damaged or lost as a result of the crash may be included in your case.

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