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Vehicle / Auto Accident Reports by Law Enforcement at the Scene

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There once was a time when if an auto accident occurred, law enforcement would show up, perform an unbiased investigation, determine who was at fault and fill out a comprehensive accident report.

Times have changed. It is no longer a guarantee that law enforcement will show up at the scene. In fact, drivers now have guidance to exchange insurance and contact information and then report the accident themselves to their insurance company.

When law enforcement does show up at an accident scene, they interview both parties and any witnesses that choose to stick around. Law enforcement will fill out a standard accident report and make a judgement call on who is at fault. It is not uncommon for law enforcement to allow biases enter their conclusions, often based on if one of that parties is being difficult, argumentative and angry, or uncooperative.

While some responding law enforcement officers conduct a thorough investigation, other law enforcement officers are simply more interested in clearing the scene and getting traffic moving again.

If you are involved in an auto accident and law enforcement shows up, ALWAYS remain calm, be courteous, and provide your statement with as many details as possible. Your demeanor and cooperation at the scene can often influence the true and accurate description of the finalized accident report.

You will not always be given a copy of the accident report while at the accident scene. You may have to visit the police station of the responding officer to pick up a copy of the police report. You should do this as soon as the report is ready, as if you believe there are errors or inconsistencies in the report, further investigation may be necessary by your legal team.

Insurance companies may also conduct their own investigation or develop their own accident report interpretation in an effort to shift blame away from their policy holder and onto you. This is just one of the reasons why seeking the advice and representation of experienced legal counsel is extremely important in auto and vehicle accidents.

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